Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011


This is my 2011 blade flick.
Featuring the riding of: 

Dominik Wagner
Bart Laubsch
Tim Wolff
Jochen Smuda
Andre Lepszy
Konstantin Dietz
Tobias Fischer
Patrick Ridder

shot on Location: 

Berlin, Ger
Mainz, Ger
Mannheim, Ger
Ludwigshafen, Ger
Heidelberg, Ger
Bad Kreuznach, Ger

Principal cinematography and editing by myself.
Additional Footage by Andre Lepszy.

Music mixed by Dennis Volkmar including Oddisee, Flying Lotus, Little Dragon and Mf Doom.

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

Slick & Unprepared | A Skatepark Leftover Mix

U3 Baumwall by Karsten Boysen

'U3 Baumwall' is a short film about the urban aspect of Rollerblading. Filmed in Hamburg, Germany during summer of 2011.

It mainly features Remz team rider Mark Stamer, but also Sidney Hansen, Philipp Köhler and Maurice Regnaut. Appearances by Alex Deutschmann, Alec Schandert, Jerome Möbus and Melvin Siemianowski.Directed, shot & edited by Karsten Boysen. Second angles by Lars Franzen and Christoph Böttcher.Check the related article on Be-Mag here:be-mag.com/article/2218-U3-Baumwall-A-Video-by-Karsten-Boysen-Songlist:M83 – NightDavid Holmes – 69 PoliceA Whisper In the Noise – Into YouHilltop Hoods – I Love It